Tours & Visits

Firefighters in their equipment can seem scary to a child. That's why we encourage schools to organize opportunities to meet the friendly firefighters themselves, see the equipment, and learn how that equipment protects our firefighters—and how it's nothing to be afraid of. This also gives us an opportunity to teach them a little bit about fire safety.

We can do this one of two ways: We can visit your school, bringing our Educational Trailer that's full of fun hands-on learning tools, or you can organize a tour, where we can walk you through the station, show you and your children our trucks, and all the different pieces of gear.

We'll gladly schedule tours of our Simcoe station to groups as small as a family or as large as a full class: If you'd like to arrange one, just drop us a line to book a time.

We regularly visit groups of kids of all ages. Whether you lead a class room or a scout troupe, we would be happy to visit. Please contact us for scheduling details.