Did you know that seniors are one of the most at-risk communities for fire? The best way to improve fire safety for seniors is through the community. After all, more sets of able hands will help keep everyone safe—particularly when you're helping friends who aren't able to keep on top of fire safety by themselves. That's why we've created a comprehensive guide called Fire Safety for the Senior Community, which gives you tips and tricks to ensure that your community is fire-safe.

We also have a guide to ensuring that your household is fire-safe for children, to make sure that your grandchildren are kept safe when they visit. If you want some games and activities to help teach your grandchildren about fire safety, check out our Kindergarten, Grades 1-4, or Grades 5-8 sections for songs, printable board games, colouring activities, and more.

Resources for Caregivers

Are you looking after one or more seniors? Check out our Caregivers section to show you how to spot and remove hazards as you give seniors the care they need.