Making Fire Safety Fun

The best way to have kids retain knowledge is to make learning fun. That's why we have a number of age-appropriate games and activities available in our Kindergarten, Grades 1-4, and Grades 5-8 pages.

We also have a number of guided activites you can use to help young children learn even more:

Sesame Street Fire Safety Sing-Alongs

Thanks to the generosity of FEMA and the Sesame Workshop, we are able to bring you full educational songs sung by their favorite Sesame characters, and lyric sheets so you can sing along! Check our Fire Safety Sing-Along page to stream or download!

Stop Drop and Roll Game

This is a game for large groups of young children, and should be played on a soft surface (like grass). It's similar to "Red Light/Green Light": A 'leader' at the head says either "Clear!", "Smoke!", or "Fire!". When the leader says "Clear!", the kids have to stand up. When the leader says "Smoke!", the kids have to get on their hands and knees. When the leader says "Fire!", the kids have to lay down and roll around on the ground.

To encourage competitive play, you can eliminate the last children to react (or the last few children, in the case of large groups or close ties), and say commands progressively quicker as the group dwindles. The last participant standing then takes role of leader.

This game will, through repetition, develop fire safety as a reflex: They will associate 'smoke' with crawling, and 'fire' with stop-drop-and-roll.

Have your own Fire Safety Fun games you'd like to share?

Please feel free to contact us with your own suggestions!