Parents & Teachers - Fire Safety Around the Home

Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of Danger

  • Dangerous fire-making devices, such as matches and lighters, or devices that require fire to function, such as candles or fuel-burning lamps, should always be kept out of reach of children.

    Pay special attention to frequently used devices, such as barbecue lighters and smokers' cigarette lighters.

  • While fire extinguishers should be kept accessible, make sure that they're kept out of reach of small children. Modern household fire extinguishers are reasonably safe, but a child tampering with an extinguisher can create a pretty big mess—and force your household to operate one extinguisher short until you have it recharged.

  • Cook on the back burners if possible when children are in the house. This is gives an extra precautionary space between a child's reach and danger.